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Corporate ethics and compliance

We play by the rules

Integrity and ethical decision making are central requirements for the sustainable success of our company. We recognize that it’s our responsibility to comply with national and international laws, regulations, internal policies and ethical standards – otherwise known as compliance. Compliance is part of our DNA. It’s in everything we do. Our compliance efforts are focusing on three core responsibilities: prevent, detect and respond. These responsibilities are the foundation of our ethics and compliance program that protects our team and customers.

Trust in who we are

Our code of conduct summarizes fundamental ethical and legal duties and the most important principles and standards of our company. This code is an extension of our values and the foundation of who we are. All of our employees must comply with this code and any other corporate policy. Violations of our policies are not tolerated and may result in disciplinary action up to and including contract termination and personal liability.

Whenever you need us

If situations arise where you believe violations of the law, our policies or ethical standards have occurred, we want you to speak up. In doing so, you are encouraged to contact our management or our ombudsman, an external, neutral intermediary. We have also partnered with WhistleB, a third party service provider, to adopt an ethics and compliance helpline supporting simple, risk-free, anonymous and confidential reporting of violations. This helpline can also be used for questions regarding our code of conduct and/or its application to certain business situations.
We guarantee that all reports and questions will be taken seriously and handled confidentially. Any form of retaliation or threat thereof is subject to sanctions and should be reported immediately.

Ethics and compliance helpline