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Mission-critical networks

A deteriorating security landscape

Information security is a major challenge for critical infrastructure and operators of essential services. Established protection mechanisms are increasingly at risk due to the emergence of quantum computers, which can compromise existing encryption methods. Also, the development of generative artificial intelligence is expanding the range of attack methods available to cybercriminals. This technological evolution, coupled with escalating geopolitical unrest, is contributing to a surge in sophisticated cyberattacks, many of which are orchestrated by state-sponsored entities. In light of these developments, the imperative to secure networks has never been more critical.

Quantum computing and generative AI

Innovative protective controls are needed to defend against the dual threats of encryption attacks by quantum computers and sophisticated AI-powered phishing attacks.
Our ConnectGuard™ security technology guarantees quantum-safe, BSI-approved protection on the optical transmission and in the data network.

Embracing zero trust and software-defined networks

New security architectures ensure that IT resources are protected and networks can be used more efficiently.

New global cyber regulations

Regulatory requirements are evolving in response to heightened security threats, exemplified by the European Community's NIS2 and RCE directives. NIS2 lowers the thresholds for classifying companies as critical facilities and significantly expands the required scope of protection, while the RCE directive aims to maximize resilience against physical disruption. This trend of stringent regulatory measures is mirrored globally, reflecting a universal commitment to heightened security standards.

Timing and synchronization

Timing and synchronization are crucial, as numerous critical systems depend on accurate network-provided timing for their precise synchronization.

Long-term cybersecurity

Operators of essential services must adapt and react to the new threat situation. At Adva Network Security, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. Our ConnectGuard™ security technology guarantees quantum-safe, BSI-approved protection for both optical transmission and data network systems. Complemented by Adtran’s real-time fiber monitoring platform and Oscilloquartz’s high-precision synchronization technology, our portfolio ensures comprehensive security, backed by expert service support from planning through to operation.

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