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Layer 1 encryption

Protecting DWDM system with optical encryption

Fiber-based high-speed communication networks are crucial for essential services, governments and defense, as they transport huge amounts of mission-critical data. However, geopolitical turmoil and cybercrime have significantly increased the risk of eavesdropping attacks, threatening the privacy and integrity of sensitive information. To combat these threats, it’s become essential to safeguard vital fiber infrastructure by implementing sophisticated security measures. Our ConnectGuard™ security technology offers robust protection for all traffic and protocols delivered over the fiber link.. Designed for full throughput and lowest latency, our line-rate encryption solution ensures uncompromised network performance. It’s also fortified against quantum computer attacks, providing long-term security.

NIST-certified and BSI-approved

Our Layer 1 encryption complies with FIPS 140-2 and is approved for the transport of data classified as NATO/EU Restricted and NATO/EU Confidential.
As high-speed optical connections carry traffic from many users, all connections are protected with a common encryption solution at Layer 1.

Lowest-latency optical protection

Featuring ultra-fast encryptors for the lowest latency, our ConnectGuard™ encryption technology can be utilized in the most time-sensitive applications.

Quantum-safe encryption

Our market-leading position in high-speed security is built on many years of experience with quantum-safe encryption and robust key exchange methodologies. Our ConnectGuard™ security solution uses symmetrical AES-256 line-rate encryption to protect high-speed data with minimal latency. This algorithm is able to withstand attacks from emerging quantum computers, ensuring its viability well into the future. What’s more, we combine traditional key exchange protocols with post-quantum cryptography (PQC), and our systems can also be upgraded with quantum-key distribution (QKD) devices. Leveraging years of experience in practical PQC and QKD field trials, we have developed the expertise and products essential for quantum-safe networking. This capability allows us to address our customers’ most pressing security concerns in an economical and efficient manner.

A track record of excellence in Layer 1 protection

Adva Network Security has led the way with Layer 1 security, introducing the first line-rate 10Gbit/s encryption in 2010, 100Gbit/s in 2014, achieving NATO/EU approval in 2017 and implementing PQC in 2021.

Efficiency of OTNsec encryption

Our Layer 1 encryption solution complies with OTN standards, which are widely used in regional, national, and international DWDM systems. This compliance greatly simplifies network integration and ensures seamless interoperability across multi-vendor, multi-carrier applications. The ConnectGuard™ implementation utilizes auxiliary channels for key exchange protocol and management traffic – a strategy that enhances security while ensuring 100% throughput for user traffic. Encrypting traffic at the physical network layer secures all data transmitted over the link, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to safeguard sensitive information from attacks on the fiber network.

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