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Secure cloud infrastructure

A European solution

Increasing cyber risks pose a significant threat to critical infrastructures, public authorities and businesses. In this digital era, highly secure and efficient networks are essential for business and administrative operations. This calls for urgent action from national governments and the EU. At the same time, digitalization must be driven forward. Addressing this crucial and complex challenge, the EU has launched a massive funding project, rallying over 100 companies from 12 countries to collaborate in developing a secure, reliable and powerful cloud platform. This solution aims to ensure the secure, reliable and efficient processing of data, marking a significant stride towards safeguarding Europe’s digital future.

IPCEI-CIS-funded project

The development of cloud infrastructures and services (CIS) is an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI).
Ensuring secure operation requires high levels of protection for hardware, software and the network.

Expertise of many partners

The implementation of a comprehensive and highly secure cloud infrastructure, spanning from the user to the data center, is a complex undertaking that requires the collaboration and expertise of many partners within the IPCEI-CIS project of the European Union.

Quantum-safe edge cloud for critical infrastructure and governmental agencies

Users and operational procedures require fast access to data and applications. Yet, this requirement cannot be satisfied by centralized storage and processing. Decentralized edge clouds offer a cost-effective, low-latency solution that can be flexibly adapted to changing conditions. Ensuring secure operation requires high levels of protection for hardware, software and the network. The TRUE-SEC project initiated by Adva Network Security solves this challenging task. It utilizes existing technologies and expertise to develop a highly secure edge cloud solution with secured hosting and a quantum-safe connection, ensuring unparalleled security and reliability for critical infrastructure and government operations.

Security expertise from Adva Network Security

With our comprehensive expertise in quantum-safe encryption, tamper-proof hardware, optical transmission, data networks and secure network operation, we play a crucial role in advancing the secure digitalization of public authorities and critical infrastructures throughout Europe.

Automation of security functions

Operating networks securely requires comprehensive protection that covers all components throughout their lifecycle. When initializing and configuring network elements, it is crucial to ensure that no previous malicious manipulation has taken place. All devices are required to automatically authenticate themselves on the network by employing appropriate methods, thereby enabling them to communicate with their remote stations and the management system in a highly secure manner. Our management solution, developed as part of TRUE-SEC, handles each of these steps using automated security functions. This significantly simplifies the operation of the network and eliminates the potential for manual errors.