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Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

Classical security controls are no longer safe

The privacy and integrity of communication relies on secret keys. Key-establishment mechanisms use asymmetrical ciphers and algorithms like RSA and Diffie-Hellman. Unfortunately, however, those classical crypto-systems are at risk from the emerging threat of attacks by quantum computers. “Store now and decrypt later” attacks pose a danger even today, forcing operators of mission-critical networks to develop strategies for hardening their quantum-vulnerable networks. Adva Network Security was the first company to demonstrate quantum-safe cryptography with high-speed optical transmission using quantum key distribution (QKD) as early as 2018. Since then, we have addressed operational challenges and practical hurdles to offer a solution that can deliver quantum keys and encrypt high-bitrate traffic with minimal latency for unbeatable security.

Using quantum physics against quantum attacks

QKD protects encryption keys through the power of fundamental physical laws and cannot be threatened by advances in mathematics or processing power.
Manipulation of quantum states can be detected, there is no hope for attackers to stay unnoticed.

Unique expertise

ADVA was the first to protect 100Gbit/s links with our ConnectGuard™ security technology and the first to address the quantum threat by integrating third-party QKD solutions from experts such as ID Quantique and Toshiba with the FSP 3000 platform.

QKD makes terascale networking secure

An attack on ultra-high-speed optical transmission systems can compromise enormous amounts of data. It is vital that critical infrastructure, public authorities, and providers of essential services protect their high-bandwidth systems with the most advanced, reliable, and future-proof security controls available. As the laws of nature cannot be compromised, QKD is the perfect solution for ultimate security in mission-critical optical transmission systems. Integrating QKD into existing or new fiber networks requires specific expertise, as the quantum channel needs to be professionally designed. Adva Network Security has years of experience in demonstrating QKD in various live networks and deploying it in commercial high-security applications.

Hardening networks with Layer 1 encryption

Adva Network Security's ConnectGuard™ technology protects critical assets from unauthorized access by even the most sophisticated attackers.

Closing the quantum security gap

Adva Network Security is dedicated to ensuring the transition to quantum-safe security solutions is smooth and easy. To achieve this, we’ve participated in early demonstrations of QKD technology and are actively contributing to national and European research projects aimed at creating a pan-European QKD infrastructure to protect our societies and businesses. Our company has a unique combination of skills and expertise, and we will play a key role in the implementation of this ambitious security architecture. With our market-leading FSP 3000 optical transport platform, we bring together expertise in high-speed optical transmission with the ability to deliver quantum keys. Our ConnectGuard™ security technology offers hybrid controls for key exchange, including QKD and post-quantum cryptography (PQC), as a first line of defense against the quantum threat. Trust us to protect your future.

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