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Solution brief

ConnectGuard™ security for optical networks

As enterprises and critical infrastructure move their data and applications into the cloud, more and more sensitive information is being transported over fiber networks, often across networks that are considered to be untrusted. With AES-256 encryption and quantum-safe key exchange, highly confidential data can be protected in a reliable and future-proof way.  

ConnectGuard™ is a hardware-based optical encryption technology offered on our FSP 3000 platform. Designed for operational simplicity, our future-proof and quantum-safe ConnectGuard™ solution complies with the security standards and is approved for the transmission of classified data by governmental institutions such as the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). 

Now discover how Adva Network Security's ConnectGuard™ encryption solution encodes data at Layer 1, fully protecting all other network layers. Read about how it protects sensitive information while guaranteeing low latency and delivering 100% throughput. And learn how it combines Diffie-Hellman with newly developed McEliece cryptography to ensure quantum-safe encryption of all data in motion.