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Post-quantum cryptography (PQC)

Understanding the quantum threat

The computational power of emerging quantum computers poses a threat to many classical cryptographic systems. Public key cryptography and signature algorithms that are currently in use are no longer secure, leading to the potential for the identity of users and devices to be compromised and for secure communication to be broken. It’s essential that operators of critical infrastructure and providers of essential services act now to identify vulnerable components and transition to quantum-safe technologies. This is a complex and time-sensitive task, but with Adva Network Security as your security technology partner, you can confidently migrate to post-quantum cryptography (PQC) with the support of our extensive expertise, range of quantum-safe optical and packet products, and experience from early deployments.

Protect against quantum-hacking now

With the advent of quantum computing, classical public key encryption and signature algorithms will no longer be secure.
PQC is a holistic approach to security, involving more than just replacing a vulnerable algorithm. It requires a comprehensive understanding of security objectives, the current threat landscape, and effective controls to mitigate those threats.

Unbreakable even for quantum computers

Post-quantum cryptography relies on mathematical problems that are so complex, they cannot be solved within a practical timeframe even with quantum computing technology.

Know your quantum attack surface

Complex systems require a range of security controls to protect against sophisticated, quantum-assisted attacks. These controls may include authentication of users and devices, protection of network traffic, and prevention of unauthorized alterations to data. No single solution can provide complete protection against these threats. One important step in ensuring the security of your network is to make it quantum-safe by implementing a secure network as a first line of defense. Adva Network Security has a sophisticated portfolio of PQC-hardened optical transport and network access devices, all featuring our unique ConnectGuard™ security technology. These solutions can help make your mission-critical networks robust and safe.

Future-proof security

Adva Network Security ConnectGuard™ technology has been extended with crypto-agility and post-quantum algorithms to make our advanced security solutions future-proof.

Making networks quantum-safe with PQC

Adva Network Security has been researching quantum-safe algorithms since 2015 and has conducted field trials in live networks using these algorithms since 2018. Our FSP 3000 optical transport solutions can utilize hybrid key exchange protocols that combine the benefits of post-quantum cryptography with the reliability of established algorithms. Additionally, our FSP 150 secure network access solution offers crypto-agility and can be updated to use post-quantum cryptography as standards are released. As a key contributor to German and European research projects focused on quantum-safe networking, we work with experienced security experts to develop practical, secure network solutions. We also collaborate with national security agencies to ensure our work aligns with their requirements and expectations. Our holistic approach is essential in helping our customers migrate to quantum-safe networks.

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