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Making networks quantum-safe

Today, encryption and hashing algorithms protect data at rest and on the move in a robust and reliable way. But in just a few years, quantum computers will be able to leverage Shor’s algorithm to efficiently and quickly break today’s key exchange algorithms. This renders existing cryptography methods insecure and puts data integrity at risk.

The development of quantum computers is a grave threat to data security today because hackers can store stolen encrypted data and decrypt it at a later date. To deal with the quantum threat, Adva Network Security has been researching quantum-safe technologies and has developed quantum key distribution-enabled WDM encryptors and post-quantum key exchange demonstrators.

Now discover how Adva Network Security, along with our technology partners, has developed low-latency, high-bitrate transmission systems that ensure information security. Read about how we’ve demonstrated our technology in live networks. And learn about how we have commercialized our future-proof, quantum-safe solutions to render our customer’s data in motion completely secure both now and in the long-term future.