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Secure network access

Mission-critical networks need scale and security

Public authorities, critical infrastructure and other operators of essential services depend on robust, reliable and secure IT networks, especially as they digitally transform their operations and move highly sensitive data over untrusted networks into cloud data centers. That’s where our FSP 150-XG118Pro (CSH) comes in. Built with our ConnectGuard™ security technology. it features line-rate encrypted 10Gbit/s network interfaces that keep your network access safe and secure. Additionally, an optional server module enables on-premises hosting of virtual network functions, providing extra protection against malicious attacks.

A secure network access device for highly sensitive data

With BSI approval for data classified up to VS-NfD and NATO restricted, our FSP 150-XG118Pro (CSH) encrypts and protects mission-critical traffic as it travels over untrusted networks.
Essential security and synchronization functions are implemented in hardware for best performance, highest speed, and uncompromised robustness.

Quantum-safe security

Our ConnectGuard™ technology provides crypto-agility and post-quantum cryptography, protecting mission-critical traffic against emerging quantum threats.

Assuring ease of operations

Our FSP 150-XG118Pro (CSH) builds on the expertise that created our market-leading FSP 150 packet edge portfolio. This family of advanced aggregation and demarcation products has been successfully deployed by major communication service providers across the world. With the security-hardened FSP 150-XG118Pro (CSH), our sophisticated packet edge technology can now be applied with high-security networks, ensuring resilient and robust operation of critical infrastructure and essential services. What’s more, our powerful Ensemble network management suite has been designed for ease of operations, rapid service activation and secure networking.

Multi-technology access device

The integration of a multi-layer network access device with precise synchronization, encryption, traffic segregation, protection and edge hosting ensure resilient operations in a fast-changing threat landscape.

Hardware-based encryption and timing

Our FSP 150-XG118Pro (CSH) is designed for highest performance and lowest latency. Essential switching, restoration, security and synchronization features are implemented in hardware for best performance, highest speed and uncompromised robustness. The comprehensiveness of the feature set is unique in our industry, and with sophisticated ConnectGuard™ security technology, our 10Gbit/s network access device is a perfect solution for critical infrastructure, public authorities, and other operators of essential services. Secure on-premises hosting of virtual network functions is a highly efficient way to add security features in response to tomorrow’s threats. This versatile network access device will play a key role in many governmental IT-consolidation projects.

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