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Solution brief

ConnectGuard™ security for Ethernet networks

Quantum computing poses a major threat to traditional forms of encryption. As quantum computers become more powerful, they will be able to easily break through even the strongest traditional encryption methods. To protect sensitive information and ensure secure communication in the future, it’s vital for quantum-safe encryption methods to be adopted now. These methods use mathematical algorithms specifically designed to be secure against quantum computers, making them a key step in securing our digital world against the power of quantum computing.

To address this urgent need, we created ConnectGuard™ Ethernet, a quantum-safe Ethernet encryption solution designed to protect sensitive data and mission-critical applications from malicious attacks over untrusted networks. ConnectGuard™ Ethernet extends the IEEE 802.1AE MACsec standard for securing Ethernet connections and adds end-to-end security to legacy Ethernet networks. With crypto-agility, post-quantum algorithms are used to secure the key exchange against quantum attacks. 

Read how our ConnectGuard™ security suite provides protection across all network layers with low latency and high performance. Discover how ConnectGuard™ Ethernet meets the most stringent standards and can be fully integrated into public key infrastructure. And find out how it’s now being leveraged by communication service providers and operators of critical infrastructures around the world.