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Cyber-resilient networks for power utilities

In an era where the automation and digitization of power utilities are rapidly advancing, the demands on IT and OT infrastructure have never been higher. The backbone of reliable operations in this sector is a secure and highly available communication network. However, this criticality also marks these networks as prime targets for cyberattacks. As threats in the cyber landscape evolve, including the emergence of AI-enhanced attacks and vulnerabilities to quantum computing, the need for robust and future-proof cyber resilience becomes paramount. Additionally, compliance with new regulatory mandates like the NIS2 and RCE directives in the EU places further emphasis on the urgency to fortify network security in the utilities sector.

Adva Network Security presents a comprehensive solution for constructing cyber-resilient networks tailored for utility providers. Our approach addresses these emerging challenges head-on. With quantum-safe optical transmission through our ConnectGuard™ technology and FSP 3000 open optical transport platform, we ensure the highest level of encryption, even against quantum computer threats. We also provide robust solutions for protected network access and edge cloud operations, integrating post-quantum cryptography with high-performance virtualized network functions. 

Find out more about securing your utility network against the cyber threats of today and tomorrow. Explore how Adva Network Security’s cutting-edge solutions can transform your approach to network security, compliance and operational efficiency. Our solution guide outlines the full spectrum of our innovative solutions enabling you to protect your critical infrastructure and ensure uninterrupted service in an increasingly digital world. Download our solution brief now to learn the essential steps towards a future-proof and cyber-resilient utility network.