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genua and Adva Network Security integrate L2 and L3 encryption for sensitive networks

News summary:

  • Strategic cooperation creates integrated solution for network connections at public authorities and in critical infrastructures
  • Central management of Layer 2 and Layer 3 encryption in an integrated solution
  • BSI-approved for German VS-NfD and EU/NATO classification level "Restricted"

The German IT security specialist genua and the German Adva Network Security have signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. The two companies are combining their expertise in highly secure metro and VPN networks to create an integrated solution intended for customers with high protection requirements and ensuring maximum IT security and performance. 

genua will bring to the table its decades of experience in secure Layer 3 networking, while Adva Network Security is contributing its proven Ethernet access technology with Layer 2 encryption. This combination will deliver a unified solution tailored for large-scale EU/NATO communication infrastructures and has approval from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) for the transmission of data with the German VS-NfD and EU/NATO classification level "Restricted". With the BSI’s cooperation, the two companies will focus primarily on the regulated market, i.e., public authorities, critical infrastructure companies and the healthcare sector.

Seamless integration of Layer 2 and Layer 3

Within the framework of the cooperation, genua will first add Adva Network Security’s FSP 150-XG118Pro network access device to its product range – a device that enables up to 40Gbit/s encrypted data throughput in real time. With its metro Ethernet functions and the BSI-approved L2 encryption, this system complements genua’s proven Layer 3 solution genuscreen for secure communication via VPN. Beyond the current reseller agreement, genua and Adva Network Security intend to work jointly on further developing their combined solution. Initially, this collaboration will focus on an integrated configuration and management of the combined Layer 2/Layer 3 encryption using the management system genucenter, set to be implemented in 2024. For the end customer, the integration of the two technologies into a single management system will simplify site networking, particularly in critical environments, and therefore make it much more cost-effective.

“The partnership with Adva Network Security enables us to expand our sales and technological capabilities by offering approved Layer 2 encryption components. This will allow us to address the high IT security requirements of our customers in an even more needs-oriented manner,” explains Marc Tesch, managing director of genua GmbH, with regard to the strategic cooperation with Adva Network Security. 

Our collaboration will make an important contribution to strengthening Germany as a cybernation.
Josef Sißmeir, managing director of Adva Network Security GmbH

“Together, we can offer our customers an integrated, flexible solution that is easy to operate and also fulfills very high security requirements with BSI approval. Our collaboration will make an important contribution to strengthening Germany as a cyber nation,” comments Josef Sißmeir, managing director of Adva Network Security GmbH, on the significance of the partnership.

Technical background

Typically, site networking uses various VPN technologies. With a Layer 2 VPN, for example, data can be transmitted securely between two data centers via encrypted Ethernet connections, ensuring complete transparency for higher network layers. Layer 3 VPN enables the secure transmission of individual data streams between two end devices on an IP basis, regardless of the transmission technology (e.g., DSL, mobile radio, WLAN). Central sites are usually connected by means of Layer 2 encryption, like that from Adva Network Security, whereas smaller sites, home offices or mobile users can be securely connected using genua’s Layer 3 technology. 

Gradual integration

Technical integration of Adva Network Security’s secure access technology into the central management solution genucenter will take place in several steps. The Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) is used as the interface. In addition to dashboards for displaying the status, genucenter also provides object-oriented templates for the configuration. This genucenter add-on allows scalable and flexible configuration of protected Ethernet connections in a proven management system.