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Helmut Griesser explores the future of QKD-secured networks at SQuaD workshop

Presentation will discuss opportunities and challenges around quantum key distribution

  • Speakers: Helmut Griesser, director, advanced technology, Adva Network Security
  • Topics: QKD for optical transport networks 
  • When: Tuesday, June 27, 2023: afternoon session
  • Where: World of Quantum, Quantum Technologies Communication, Am Messeturm, Munich, Germany

In this BMBF Quantum Communication Germany (SQuaD) workshop, the future of the quantum communication industry in Germany and the European Union will be explored. Speakers will delve into emerging trends, needs and applications, with a particular focus on integration, supply chains and critical factors such as politics and investments.

Joining experts from diverse backgrounds, including research, development, and application, Helmut Griesser will provide first-hand insights into successes and challenges around quantum communication technology. During his section, Helmut will present the latest advancements in quantum key distribution (QKD) for optical transport networks.