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Tobias Fehenberger and Thomas Schneider share insights on post-quantum cryptography and virtualization

OMNISECURE presentation will discuss enhancing network security for the Quantum Era

  • Speakers: Tobias Fehenberger, director of R&D strategy at Adva Network Security; Thomas Schneider, director of business development at Adva Network Security
  • Topics: Securing networks with post-quantum cryptography and virtualization (German language)
  • When: Monday, January 22, 1:50 p.m. CET
  • Where: Forum 3-A, OMNISECURE, 2024, Hotel Palace, Berlin, Germany 

The landscape of information security is rapidly transforming in the wake of quantum computing, a development that's making established protection mechanisms increasingly vulnerable. In response, the emergence of multi-layer networks with quantum-safe encryption has become a pivotal solution. These networks not only deliver bandwidth as needed but can also be secured with virtualized protection functions at the network access point. This dual approach ensures optimal utilization of the connection network, effectively mitigates network outages, and provides enhanced protection specifically designed for zero-trust and SD-WAN functionalities.

In this presentation, complete with a live demonstration, Tobias Fehenberger and Thomas Schneider will explain how quantum-secure encryption and virtualized network functions can be seamlessly integrated. They will also discuss why these two key technologies economically ensure long-term security, addressing both current vulnerabilities and future threats in network security.