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Mario Wenning and Jonas Berl demo dynamic key routing in meshed QKD networks at OFC

Showcase highlights an efficient key management system able to overcome key shortages in meshed QKD networks.

  • Speakers: Mario Wenning, advanced technology engineer at Adva Network Security; Jonas Berl, advanced technology engineer at Adva Network Security
  • Topics: Quantum key management system with dynamic routing for meshed QKD networks 
  • When: Monday, March 25, 2 p.m. PDT
  • Where: OFC, 2024, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA.

One of the most mature applications of quantum technologies is quantum key distribution (QKD) for securing sensitive data against powerful quantum computers. To operate long-haul meshed quantum key distribution networks (QKDNs), trusted nodes are required to overcome the limited reach of current generation QKD devices. This creates the need for a key management system (KMS) that distributes end-to-end keys. 

Diverging from traditional key management systems (KMS) that rely on a centralized controller, our approach introduces a scalable, decentralized model aligned with the principles of network function virtualization. This distributed architecture ensures our system is resilient against any single point of failure, enhancing reliability. It also supports zero-touch provisioning, facilitated by advanced management and orchestration tools.

Our demo consists of an emulated multi-layer network topology and on-premises Adva Network Security encryption devices. These devices are equipped with the ETSI GS QKD 014 interface and use the obtained keys to encrypt data with the Advanced Encryption Standard. To simulate realistic key generation within the QKDN, we leverage recorded monitoring data from a deployed QKDN, providing a comprehensive view of its potential in real-world scenarios.