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Ulrich Kohn explores fiber optic security strategies at AFCEA Exhibition 2024

Presentation will highlight advanced methods for ensuring the resilience and quantum safety of communication infrastructure

  • Speakers: Ulrich Kohn, senior director of marketing and strategy at Adva Network Security
  • Topics: Protected fiber optic networks, real-time fault analysis, network restoration, quantum-safe Layer 1 encryption
  • When: Thursday, June 27, 12:15 p.m. CET
  • Where: AFCEA (Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association International) Fachausstellung 2024, World Conference Center Bonn, Bonn, Germany 

Optical networks serve as the backbone of communication infrastructure with numerous critical entities, including governments, defense, energy and finance. Given their pivotal role, the strategic importance of fiber optic networks cannot be overstated. They must be safeguarded against a wide array of threats, including the rising risks posed by geopolitical instability and natural disasters. Ensuring the protection of these networks is crucial to maintaining the integrity and reliability of essential communications in our increasingly connected world.

In this presentation, Ulrich Kohn will provide a comprehensive analysis of the current risk landscape and outline the technical solutions available to ensure robust and reliable operation of fiber optic networks. He will cover network restoration strategies, highlighting the importance of having backup resources to quickly restore connections and enhance network resilience. Additionally, the session will delve into the use of quantum-safe encryption with PQC or QKD, which protects communication infrastructure from eavesdropping and tampering, ensuring long-term security for sensitive data. 

Ulrich will also explain how fiber monitoring, using OTDR technology, delivers real-time information to detect, identify and localize interruptions and other faults.