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Helmut Grie├čer dives deep into quantum-safe encryption at OFC

Short course will discuss current encryption methods, the nature of the quantum threat and explore how data-in-motion can be made more secure

  • Speakers: Helmut Grießer, director, advanced technology, ADVA Network Security; Andrew Shields, head, quantum technology division, Toshiba Europe Ltd
  • Topics: Secure optical communications 
  • When: Sunday, March 24, 8:30 a.m. PT
  • Where: OFC, 2024, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA.

Today’s encryption algorithms are secure. However, this changes with the advent of quantum computers. IT applications and network services will soon need to be updated to become quantum-safe. Quantum key distribution and post-quantum cryptography can help ensure data-in-motion is protected, but there are still challenges to overcome before the technologies can become a feature of live networks.

In this short course, Helmut Grießer and Andrew Shields will outline how current cryptographic protocols work. They will explain what the quantum threat means for data security and how new solutions can help combat hackers leveraging quantum computers. They will also describe ongoing efforts to improve the bit rates and range of quantum key distribution systems.